Time to go walking

IMG_9955I have lived on the Isle of Man for over thirty years and in that time have walked, cycled, run, climbed, dived, watched wildlife and studied the geology of this fantastic rock in the Irish Sea. Now, with slightly more time on my hands, I am making a point of going for a least one good walk each week in the relatively deserted upland of the island.

I have always been a bit of a ticker of lists and make no excuse for it. It can be a great way of making you get out and about and also to visit areas to which you wouldn’t otherwise go. I have climbed all of the Wainwrights in the Lake District, nearly 100 Munros in Scotland and compiled a list of Manx Summits over 300m, most of which I have climbed many times but first walked up all of them in a conscious effort in the Autumn of 2016.

Here is that list, all 33 of them!

List of summits

A few of the summits on this list unfortunately do not have any public access to their summits. This is something that DEFA should negotiate with land owners as a list of summits is one way of increasing tourism to the island with minimal impact on the wild environment.

This blog started as an account of walking up all the hills in my list but that is something I have done several times now. Instead it is now just occasional updates on the various routes I have taken whilst walking on Manx hills. I hope it inspires others to get out walking in the Manx countryside.

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