Beary Mountain and The Beary


A short walk this week in cold but otherwise good conditions.

We started at the Glen Helen carpark and crossed the footbridge leading towards Eairy Beg.

Late autumnal colours were dominant in the views into Glen Helen.


Taking the large track to the left we climbed gently up to a gate where a path drops down into Glen Helen and straight on goes to a farm. We, however, turned right and entered the plantation.


Soon we reached the tholtan which is quite well preserved and an atmospheric site.

Just after the tholtan we reached a junction where we turned left and thereafter a few hundred metres turned right to climb steeply alongside the wall, eventually reaching the edge of the plantation and open moorland.

We followed the edge of the plantation until we reached the area known as Twelve Shares where we picked one of the tracks over towards the gate and stile on the far side and then followed the wall along the the gas pipeline.

Somewhere here lies the top of Beary Mountain though quite which of the several gentle rises is the spot height is debatable.

Fine views were had across to Greeba and Slieau Ruy as well as to the north and west.

We then took a beeline towards the Beary, prominent in the view to the west. The view south now dominated with South Barrule, Cronk ny Arrey Laa and Slieau Whallian standing out against the grey skies.


The sun managed to just about break through as we climbed the fire track through Beary Park and to the top of the Beary, a fine rocky summit with excellent views all around.


After the customary tea and sandwiches we continued west, following the Warden’s path along the edge of the plantation, close to the mast and house.

This path reaches a corner then heads steeply downhill along the edge of the trees until it re-enters at a broken wall. I’m not quite sure where the way-marked trail goes after this but we easily followed a series of mountain bike trails and then fire tracks to reach the gate at the bottom and finally cross the bridge back to the car park.

At just 7km and two hours this was the shortest walk yet but Eairy Beg plantation is an interesting place and the Beary is a fine little hill.

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