Mount Karrin

From the northern end of Sulby Glen Mount Karrin stands impressively on the western side, marred only by the unsightly vehicle track ascending it’s steep slopes (know as the ‘snakebite’ among mountain bikers). I did consider not putting this hill in the blog as it’s summit is on private land so I suppose I should say permission should be sought from the landowner to access the summit (though how someone can own a Manx hill, never mind somehow get planning permission for the aforementioned track and the disgraceful quarry at it’s head, I don’t understand). The route, however, is an excellent short loop even if the summit is not climbed so here it is.

Parking in Sulby Glen near the track into Ballacuberagh Plantation I walked up the road in the glen for about 2km. Road walking is never the best but despite the late November afternoon being dark and gloomy, Sulby Glen was very beautiful and full of interesting waterfalls and rapids on the river after heavy rain earlier in the day, carved statues and a stone circle.

Just after the circle field I crossed the cattle grid and left the road to the right immediately before the cottage, through the gate and climbed the steep slopes on the lovely zig zag path up through Manx National Heritage land.

Superb views were had back down the glen.


A stile crossed the fence into grassy terrain.


I crossed the pathless grass fields and reached the interesting tholtan of Killabrega.

The views were now opening up all around, south to Tholt-e-Will Plantation, SE to Snaefell, west to Slieau Managh and north to Mount Karrin itself.



Above the tholtan a gate is reached which welcomes walkers on this area of MNH land.


After that I followed the large track NW and just before reaching the tarmac road turned north heading straight for Mount Karrin.

With the hill straight ahead the view to the NW was dominated by Slieau Managh and the white quartz crag of Creg Bedn visited earlier in the autumn. The ugly scar of the quarry unfortunately spoilt the view somewhat.

Gates are then reached where the greenway continues to the left with the summit of Mount Karrin to the right, harmlessly accessed through two gates with a descent possible through another gate further along, back onto the greenway. I suppose I should repeat that the land owner’s permission should probably sought……


The summit is rather boggy but has small rocky knolls and superb views.


Back on the greenway I quickly descended through Ballacuberagh back to the car.

7km in 1hr 25minutes, well worth doing especially visiting Killabrega via the zig-zag path.

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