Lhargee Ruy, Slieau Ruy and Greeba Mountain

A variation on an earlier walk, I parked near Greeba Castle and headed up into The King’s Forest.


Following the main track up along the east side of the plantation I had a quick look at the old sluice gate before turning left and zig zagging upwards.


Eventually I reached the top of the plantation and the open hillside.

From here I headed north at first then crossed the stream and headed east just above the wall, eventually reaching the Cronk Breck track at which point I headed uphill until reaching the fence and gate near the top of Lhargee Ruy.

Near here are a couple of cairns which give a fine view but the summit is actually a small rise on the featureless moor to the south.


The route to Slieau Ruy is obvious from here. It is a lovely summit, fine views all around.


Heading WSW at first then SW a faint track leads to the top of Greeba Mountain with it’s surprisingly large cairn (a tumulus?) and lovely views down into the central valley.


Previously I have headed east from here to return to the stile at the top of the plantation but this time I wanted to explore the western side of King’s Forest and try to find the crags you see from the road so I went SW the S and discovered a gate at the corner of the plantation. I has to step over a broken fence but then found my self at the top of the crags.

I found a faint trail downwards and eventually picked up a mountain bike trail back to the bottom of the plantation.

I need to go back and explore the plantation some more but this was a great walk.

10km in 3 hours, 568m of ascent.

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